Tonight, we Light the Night.
Come together with your loved ones at 8:00pm and join thousands of Australian families as part of the virtual lantern lighting ceremony. The official ceremony will be available to stream right here this evening.


Australians are shining a light on blood cancer.

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Days until we Light the Night

On Saturday 10 October

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What is Light the Night?

On the evening of Saturday, 10 October we ask all Australians touched by blood cancer to come together with their loved ones to Light the Night.

Families and friends will host their own special Light the Night and take part in the virtual lantern lighting ceremony alongside thousands of other impacted families across Australia.

The lighting of lanterns symbolises the hope we share for a future free of blood cancer and the support of a community that understands the darkness a blood cancer brings to our lives.

you choose to host your Light the Night event is limited only by your imagination.

Funds raised through this special event provide families facing blood cancer with the care they will need to make it through every scary, uncertain moment that follows a diagnosis.

Donations also transform fear into hope in miraculous ways by furthering the work of brilliant research scientists who are uncovering life-saving advancements in blood cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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About Light the Night

Lanterns are raised in a moving ceremony to honour those facing their own blood cancer journey, to remember loved ones lost, and to create a glowing show of support.

Each lantern holds a special meaning

To show your support for those affected by blood cancer.
To remember a loved one lost to blood cancer
For your own blood cancer journey
So far we have raised $0 to further life‑saving research and support families facing blood cancer.
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